Welcome to Our State-of-the-Art Dental Studio

Made in USA by experienced Dental Technicians, using the best quality materials on the market.

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State of the Art Lab

We use state of the art equipment in our lab to produce top quality cosmetic dentistry products like teeth and aligners.

Fine Artistry

To create and ensure exquisite aesthetics, we bring a fine artistry level of care, detail and precision to our designs and products.

Expert Technicians

Ensuring your patients best successful outcomes is our most important goal.  We have the experience and tools to offer the best path for each case.

Who We Are

SD Cosmetic Dentistry Lab is  the lab of choice for exquisite esthetics, function and service.

We not only bring fine artistry to your dental restorations, SD Cosmetic Dentistry Lab  is a valuable resource to help with treatment planning your cases to ensure the best possible outcome for your patients.

From your implant planning, diagnostic wax-up or digital imaging our lab provides all the necessary tools to create the best path for success of a case.

Our commitment is your success.

We Design & Produce Perfect Smiles Every Time.

We use state of the art software to design perfect smiles with the utmost precision. This is how we ensure there are no surprises, producing a realistic preview of the corrected smile, and making sure that the smile will look great and function properly. Our experienced Dental Technicians use only the best quality software and materials on the market.

SD Cosmetic Dentistry

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